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Over the past decade, we have established Bin Faqeeh Real Estate Investment Company to be a local and regional leader in real estate development, successfully completing 23 projects with 2,860 units across the Kingdom of Bahrain. In our quest to build long-term relationships with our clients and to provide unparalleled after-sales services, we have established Real Search in 2014 to complement our high-standard benchmarks are met.

As a subsidiary company to Bin Faqeeh, Real Search shares the same principles of being unique that have guided us to innovate and reshape the fundamentals of the property market. With advancements in technology and perpetual innovation in all industries, companies must embrace and adapt to these changes or risk falling behind.

Armed with trust from our clients, and resolute commitment from our employees, Real Search continues to grow with a focused vision to pave the way to the future if our ever-changing world.